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    I知 starting a more regimented practice schedule starting today. I知 not lacking in the amount of time I spend practicing but I am lacking in the quality of what I知 practicing. Most of the time I知 all over the place as to what I知 working on and because I have a lot to work on and very little time, I need to manage my routine a bit better.. So, with that said, I need a timer, I don稚 want a kitchen timer and neither one of my metronomes have a timer so I知 not sure what I should get. Any suggestions?

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    All sporting goods stores sell stopwatches. Most of them have a timer function as well. Or buy a cheap watch with a timer. Casio and Timex make plenty.

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    I thought all women had timers built in lol
    Really wal mart have some good cheap timers with alarms

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    I use my sports watch. It has 3 timers on it.
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