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    Ok so I kinda like this Hi Hat cymbal rivet idea. We should contact the manufacturers (Zildjian / Sabian / Meinl) and see if they'll make them. I bet it would sound pretty cool. About as cool as this dude right here -->
    - Tom

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    yeah....i wonder if we get enough ppl to sign a petition or something they would do it

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    I would love to see them come back. I wouldn't mind getting a second set.
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    Those would be amazing, I have never seen a set, anyone have any experience with them?
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    Sizzle hats sound great! If you want some that bad just make your own.

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    Ronnie Vannucci has a set also you can buy rivits and put them in yourself
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    doesn't meinl make them? i know in the gen-x series they have one set.

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