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    Thanks, good advice. Honestly I'm not worried about solos all that much. What I'm trying to do with this band is go outside the box for what a normal cover band is willing to do. Like playing material that most are afraid to touch, Pop/Dance/Techno etc...Shakira, Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, along with upbeat rock stuff, mix and mash it up and put on a show, become a A list band and move into corporate/wedding/private party stuff.

    my thing is attitude, this guy didnt have one that worked for me, he was like that annoying little hyper kid running around the store. I'll find the right mix eventually, still dont know whats up with the other two guys but I guess I'll find out. i would hate to lose em but whatever will be will be

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    Quit belly aching and just do other way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quadcam79 View Post
    yeh well i've been though at least $1 worth LOL, I've never met so many flakes as lead guitarists, just something about em.
    This is ABSOLUTELY the truth. If I get one more call on the weekend from my guitar player whining about how "the lead singer did this" and "the bass player did that"...........etc..........etc. He just goes on....and on..... and on.....
    blah blah know man?

    blah blah blah....

    blah blah.....

    blah blah


    blah blah, you know man? I'm serious.


    blah blah blah blah blah


    blah blah blah

    Guitar Player: "I went ahead and told that singer he could be in the band."
    Catfish: COUGH... WHAT?!?!?!

    blah blah
    blah blah

    blah blah

    blah blah blah blah blah

    Guitar Player: "AND HE NEVER EVEN TUNES RIGHT! Does he even listen to the sound of his bass?............"
    Catfish: "Sigh"

    blah blah blah

    blah blah guitar center blah blah blah guitar center blah


    Catfish: "That's me dude. I'm the drummer. You can't rant..... to me.... about me..."

    Good Grief. Lord help us all.
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    in one of my bands, our guitarist went 5 monthes without learning the songs, idk why we didnt kick him out, and he started not pratcing at all, wed ask him if he coul do friday hed say no wed ask if he could do sturday, hed say no, wed ask if he could do sunday, hhed say no wed ask him what he was doing, hed just say stuff, this happened for weeks, then we all decided to tell him that were gonna give him one more chance to learn the songs and come to pratice, but he said "im not gonna learn them" so he was out
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    Well here is an update on things with my band. As I said I kicked the lead guitarist out and that created a big headache. Apparently he is or has already put another band together, he asked our bass player to play in that band and the bassist said he would but he also said he was staying with us, I guess he plans on playing in both bands so thats fine. Well, i've been trying to get ahold of our bassist for almost a week now, he never showed up for practice wed night nor did he call or email me about it.

    thats totally out of character for him and I'm just hoping everything is ok with him. His amp is still at my house and I've tried calling him at home, work, response.
    If he decided to go with the other band thats cool with me, I understand his position, he just wants to play out and doesnt really care what kind of music it is, but I figure he would at least call me about his amp.

    anyway, I was searching for a new guitarist and just on a whim I decided to send a facebook message to a guitarist that i know, he jams with my drum teacher a lot, plays acoustic solo gigs, has a rock band and an acoustic trio . He is also the guy who provided the PA and lights for our benefit show that we played back in november.

    So i just messaged him asking if maybe he knew of any guitarists looking to join a cover band who is just starting out. He sends me a really unexpected response "I'd really like to work with you guys if you're interested, I have a full PA and light system and 20 yrs of gig experience and I'm always looking for new projects, I remember you from the benefit and your wife has a great voice too"

    sweet, this could work out nicely, I called him and discussed where we want to go as a band and he likes the idea. He lives like 5 mins from me and is coming over to get together with us next week.

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    Quit belly aching and just do other way.
    - RIP Frank

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    Yea man. Its hard to find a loyal member with good skills. Because normally it's
    -Good Skills, Not Reliable
    -Reliable, Not Good.

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    Tell me about it TK! I've had so much trouble with those lethal combos
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    Damn, I guess i REALLY hit the jackpot with my band.

    Met them about 3 months ago they were looking to replace their drummer, the two guitarists have been playing together for a long time more than 5 years and as a band with bass and drummer for 2 i believe.

    Theres no EGOS no hot heads no drama between anyone in the band. I sort of treat it like a work place and we have a lot of fun while practicing for out gigs which are happily popping up all over the place.

    From the day i went and kind of auditioned for the band we kind of clicked and the music came together very very well, even when we messed up bad everyone was still able to flow we were playing with one another not at each other.

    They have full PA system mixers and everything, they have a bit of a recording place in our practice spot and a drumset for me to use!

    Great bunch of guys and girl making some good music and getting paid for it! The recordings on our online networks aren't the greatest because we were rushing to get a demo out to play this summer but hopefully we will have more by next week.
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    Something I learned really quickly...

    When going into the studio the first time:

    Be ready. Well rehearsed. Know the songs backwards, upside down and purple.

    Be professional with not only your engineer/producer, but with eachother. Keep the horseplay down to zero, you're around equipment you can't afford to replace, and you don't want to look like a jackass. It's okay to goof off a little bit and break the tension, but try not to drop the f-bomb so much, and don't tell them about 80 things you did to their sister's dog while their mom watched and their father made eye contact. (Even though it is funny to a point...hell our guitarist's Mom.....)

    Be open to new ideas. may have been playing your song since it's inception, but think of it this way: He's got a fresh pair of ears, he's been doing this for a while and knows what will sound good and go with the flow a bit better. It's worth atleast trying!

    Ask for ideas. I did this personally for fills. I would tell Jordan that I was going for something that set back behind the scenes but provided a segue into the verse. I showed him what I had, and we worked it out. It was refreshing.

    Be patient. If you're going in, you will do many takes. You want it to sound right. To fit in. And to come out kicking ***. That takes dedication and patience.

    This isn't a stage, no showmanship is necessary. You do not need to impress anyone. Don't flip and twirl or anything. You'll make noise by doing so, you could drop the stick, or even get thrown off the beat. The best way to do this is to be yourself, and don't concentrate on the track. Just play it. You'll fall into the beat and everyone will fall in love.

    Please record with a click. If you want your tracks to be ready to stand up to the scrutiny of your members, your fans, and people whom you send the press pack too, use a click. It may take some time to get used to, but it's worth it! My guitarist played a scratch track with the last chorus too long and then the outtro too short. When we laid my tracks down, I followed him, and we honestly didn't notice until we got to laying down vocals. What? The vocals doesn't fit the last chorus??? DAMN IT SEXTON!!!!

    We laughed about it, gave him hell, and with-in 10-15 minutes...thanks to the click, Jordan, had magic worked and BAM! the song was normal.

    Remember. Less is more. Instead of going in and blowing your whole budget on recording your 13 songs, aim for a lesser number. Nail down your hardest hitting one for an opener, and a good powerful midline, and a solid outtro song!

    Quality over Quantity!

    Thanks to this, we'll only have a 3 Track E.P., but it will be the strongest 3 tracks we've ever produced! Instead of a huge number of tracks (Like we did in the past, that never got past mix down because of money issues...) that will not go anywhere, you have three perfect tracks. Recorded via click. Mixed down with love. Mastered by the man, who has a damn good idea what the band is about by now. This also leaves us with extra money for other costs associated with recording: Packaging and Promotion!

    You can cut costs by doing this stuff yourself! I suggest not. There are really good middle grounds that are worth looking into! I'm a well accomplished graphics and web designer, so my band lucked out there! I've designed everything we've had up front. From shirt plans, to album artwork, and even the band logo itself! If you have a friend in the business, you can hop online and find album templates and have them create it for you, for a little of nothing, or the promise of a finished copy!

    1,000 copies of your little E.P. does no good if 950 copies are sitting in your bandroom in a box! Think small, act big! You can get 300 pressed and packaged copies in a slipcase with a barcode and polywrapped cheap. Upon going this route, we're jumping in and the company is giving us their tools of Promotion. The album get's put on cdbaby for free, as well as available through other outlets such as iTunes, etc! You are also getting available in solid stores as well. They give you great reading material and 5 or so of their two tier selling stands.

    You can also cut costs even further away from 674.00 that this costs by having the album duplicating instead of replicating. Using the company, they will burn the CDs and package them. Drop down even further and get 100 copies. The only difference is that the album will be burned instead of packaged. Even the top of the disc will be color printed with your design!

    Price? 344.00

    Not bad. Not a bad way to start at all! You can make that in a couple of weekends! You can also make it back from CD sales!

    I started off my calling and email local record shops. Asking them about consignment. I got us in. Then I turned to my music store! Guess what? Got us in!

    Promote online. Put yourselves out to any and everyone! Let them know the status of the E.P.!

    Price your EP fairly. If you have three tracks, such as us, and then you toss in the three instrumental versions as Bonus material, you can't double the price of the EP. ( can, but you may not sell much!) Ask people how much they would be willing to pay! It's worth it to do research. Trust me!

    The full price of our original E.P. is going to be 5.00 at our show.
    At a record store, and music store since they take a cut, we're making it 5.99.
    Online mail order? 5.99 plus 3.00 shipping.
    Download copy? 5.00, remember you can also individually price tracks. Make each track what you think it's worth. We'll have six tracks, and we're making them all .99 cents. It's cheaper to by the album in the long run!

    Offer goodies like, buy a T-Shirt, get a free download of the album!
    Preorder the Album, and get extras like Buttons (cheap to mass produce, but look great), decals, and offer an unknown surprise! As Jordison here guessed, ours was a special edition 11x17 poster that is going to be horizontal. We also offered a special bonus button you get with the kit, a 4 piece button set with the fourth button unknown, and exclusive? We've pulled a few in on that one!

    The price of our preorder is only 3.00. Yes, we're loosing money here slightly, but the goal is to get it in the hands of the fans, and still make some money. 3.00? everyone can afford that! That has also kept within the line of one of my rules:

    If your family wants to support you, they'll hell pay some of that recording and producing costs down by buying a 3.00 album! They shouldn't hit you up for it for free! And trust me. They will.
    You get shirts? Everyone is your friend. Stickers? Hey man, can I have a couple? They won't put them on their car, they'll sit and collect dust. Buttons? Pocketed them and may even end up in the garbage. Album? They may listen to it, but then again, they may not. Would you take that chance?

    Either way: Every album you sell should be marked down. Note how it was sold: Online, Mail Order, through Music Store, Through Record Store? At a show? Digital copy? Physical? Both? (Those count as two!!!)

    That way, when it comes time, you can show interested parties how much interest you have generated. How many copies of just your 3 track E.P. you have sold! Think of all the money to be made through a small Record Label deal with new songs on it. You add that with the old songs and having them reworked with minimal effort, you're guaranteed to make even more money. Execs I'm talking to you!!!


    Save your free copies for yourselves, the guy who made it happen - the studio engineer/producer, and to give out with press kits. You can also make up some give aways!

    With either way you go on this, you have the perfect end result:

    A perfect album, that is 100% ready for Radio Play. The best bang for your buck; you split the costs of recording and packaging down the middle and came out on top!

    Now when you go in to record your full album, or even your second E.P. you can have the old tracks remixxxed to fit the idealism of this new one! You saved yourself even more money! You can even re-record some parts if you need to, and you will still come out on top!!!

    I hope this has helped some! Remember, guys, this is just my thoughts, and ideas base on my experiences. Please feel free to comment, and tell me your thoughts and ideas...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LDS View Post
    Guitar players are basically a dime a dozen. The one tiny piece of advice I'd like to offer would be to look for attitude over aptitude. If the individual has a good attitude, decent chops, and really wants to play and be a part of something bigger than his next solo - you're on the right track. Many times in the past I've played with people who weren't in danger of setting the world on fire initially, but in time they develop to be a part of the band in their playing, rather than a soloist who sees everyone else as supporting cast.
    My best friend is our lead guitarist and the good thing about him is he is so modest compared to the other guys in our year who are really ****y and aren't even that good my friend has been playing since he was a kid and were only 13 but he is amazing in nearly every style of music he even says I'm better than him and I'm not (although I'm not far off ) but he has a great attitude towards being in a band and he's a amazing guitarist so a good mix I'd say, although we still need a bassist and in a small town like mine any good musician is hard to come by but yeah the guy who was first a guitarist isn't brilliant and always wanted to do metal music and he wanted all the attention so we just got rid of him.

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    I actually found Management very easily, my band and I recorded our EP at a nice studio on London (the name escapes me right now but i think it was apple something) they suggested a few places to go and we found this site Audio Rokit that listed all the managers that were looking for our music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quadcam79 View Post
    Well we had practice tonight and as expected our guitarist proceeded to show up with 2 friends, a 5th of run and six pack of beer. Now, I'm not against people having a couple drinks during practice, I have maybe 1 or 2 but it's just not my thing anymore.

    Our guitarist however, cant seem to go through a 2 hr practice without getting hammered. I have jammed with my bass player alone and it's great, we get together, get right down to business and really work on the songs. When we have Chris with us we get nothing done.

    Tonight was the last straw, he was busy drinkin, chowin down some burgers, goofin off with his friends and we end up playing the same 4 songs we were working on last week. I said "did you learn the songs that I gave you from last week?" he says "nah, man I just really didnt get around to learning them"

    I should have sent him packin after the first time he got drunk at practice but I like the guy and I let it go. Now, it's becoming a problem and I figuer if he cant make it through a 2 hr practice he's never going to make it through a 4 hr gig at a bar.

    our bass player does admit that he's borderline alcoholic but he shows up, has a few beers, doesnt get wasted and stays focused on what we're doing.
    I think the other issue is the rest of the band are all in their mid 30's-40 and the guitarist is 22.

    So I hate to do it but he's out of the band. I didnt feel like discussing it with him tonight and we have practice again tomorrow so i felt kinda guilty when he said ok, man I'll see you tomorrow. I told the bass player "no we wont, he's done"

    have any of you had an issue like this?

    Yes, and you get out, it will only get worse.

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    I'm going to dredge this thread back up... I'm playing in a band right now, were called NOYOLA. ( singers last name)

    Anyway, were at a point where we are finally being taken serious and the band as a whole wnats to put in more road time. The only problem is I CAN'T put in more road time. I simply cannot get any more time away from work.

    At this point, I believe I am going to bow out gracefully and even help them find another drummer. But it SUCKS! I HATE it. These are four of my best friends and I feel like I'm losing them, yet I refuse to hold them back.

    ANy advice!???

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    Quote Originally Posted by zzzdanz View Post
    Rock solid advice Bro!!!!!
    I like this a lot!

    So here is my dilemma. Remember that band I was talking about. Gone! We never even managed to get a bass player. So here I am with no band and no one calling me. So I decided I need to start my own band. So here is the deal. My friend knows a great singer. I know some bassists and pianists. Yes, this band would consist of me, piano, bass, and singer.

    Now the singer has toured and she can SING! I haven't met the singer yet, but I told my friend to get with it and arrange for us to meet. I need to talk with a keyboardist who IS IN DEMAND! And I need to talk with a particular bass player who is really experienced, and I think he would be a great fit. (And a better fit than a bass player I talked too who said he only plays acoustic bass!)

    I'm very excited about this project but here comes the management issues. So if I get all three members, these experienced people are going to want to get paid! I was looking forward to joining a band, but starting up one is a whole other issue.

    We'll be playing covers but not maroon 5 stuff. We'd cover stevie wonder, jazz, and we might dabble in some rock stuff as well.

    So obviously were going to have to get good gigs. I have no experience with getting gigs but I do know someone who gets plenty of them. This can be a real top notch band, especially since 3 of the members have serious resumes. I will be asking each person what will be the least they will accept as pay or what they would be looking for. Like you all discussed I want to have feedback with all the members and I really won't consider myself the 'leader' of the band.

    As far as a business plan per say I believe our goals would be to perform and if weddings or private party calls come in, that would be excellent. I plan on doing a facebook page and a reverb nation page as well. My friend is a photographer so that takes care of that. I would imagine, even though a lot of venues don't require it around here, I would like to have a press kit with some songs on a CD for them to listen too.

    First, I know we would have to rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse some more till we have at least 2 or more hours of material. Then my goal would be to perform and not exactly every weekend but at least once a month. Then maybe twice a month. At least in the beginning I would say. I have a full time job, the singer is married, so we won't be touring the USA anytime soon.

    I like the idea of the business cards and recording the shows. And I also agree f%$&! pay to play! I did that with my old band and we would have to sell tickets. How juvenile! If I asked these musicians to do that, I'd be standing there with tumbleweeds blowing past me. Ok, that's enough rambling....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stranger to Reason View Post

    At this point, I believe I am going to bow out gracefully and even help them find another drummer. But it SUCKS! I HATE it. These are four of my best friends and I feel like I'm losing them, yet I refuse to hold them back.

    ANy advice!???
    I think you're doing the right thing. It sucks, I had to do something similar in '74.
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    Question Re: Band Management

    So I found this thread and I am pretty happy someone had the smarts to make it because ive got a ton of questions. 1st how do I find someone to manage the band like a business we have the best intentions of keeping it fun and being professional about it. We want to copyright our logo and maybe our material so we don't get ripped off. Does anyone have any suggestions of the dos and dont's of band management should someone in the band handle this? I have read the first page of this thread its pretty impressive. I thank everyone who posted any kind of advice.

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    Talking Re: Band Management

    Oh yeah the name of my band is Desolate Fate we are out of Herkimer, NY. Its a 5 piece metalcore band with a touch of 80's metal. Me Goya also known as G. Progressive Rock Style of drumming. The lead guitarist who's an 80's Metal solo aficionado, rhythm guitar is a fast picking Andy James kinda guy and our bassist is all grunge and our vocalist sounds like he is possessed by an 8 foot ogre it sounds cool my first band You can check us out on, facebook, twitter & but just so u know the videos on youtube aren't me drumming, I can drum better than their last drummer I actually have elbows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quadcam79 View Post
    Thanks Drummer.

    Here are some tips I've found:

    1. Agree on a list of new songs to learn before you start practicing.

    "Do you know this one?"
    "No, how about this song..."

    Make out a list of 20 songs with each person choosing 5 , so there's no hurt feelings , and make sure everybody has audio copies of all songs. Learn 4 songs each week, choosing 1 from each person's 5. Start a new list when the 20 are done. This solves many problems: What are we going to play? I've never heard that, how does it go? We never play my stuff! What are we practicing for next time?

    #2. The first rehearsal or gig at which you get too drunk to play is your last.
    First of all I grew up with an abusive alcoholic father, So seeing people completely wasted brings bad memories. That said, I dont mind if you have a few drinks, I even buy beer just for band practice. But, when the drinking starts affecting the band we're going to have issues.

    3. Pay attention to dynamics, Less is often more. The powerful parts will be twice as powerful if you don't play with the same power all the time.

    4. Networking- It's not about what you know; it's about who you know

    5. Zoom H2 + Audio-Technia Pro24 + 9-foot mic stand in the back of the room @ every gig = exponential increase in quality of performances, for a total cost of $300. RECORD EVERY SHOW. Burn to CD and give out to your band as "homework." What worked? What didn't? How long did we take between songs, and was it too long? What did we forget to tell the audience that we should have? Did we thank the soundguy and the club for having us? Did we plug our CDs and website at least twice? Did we announce the drink specials? Did we announce our next show? How did we play? What cues did we miss? etc. You can also post the recordings to your website for fans to download.

    6. have business cards made, be sure to include the band website/myspace page on the card and have some readily available during the gig.

    Whiteboard- buy one and post it at rehearsal, use it to note song arrangements, set list, songs you want to put on the back burner , notes, etc.
    Great advice! Although I must say that it saddens me that these principles are not as "obvious" to some. Especially when it comes to the principle regarding alcohol consumption before a gig. Not only is it disrespectful to your craft, itīs also extremely disrespectful towards your bandmates. This should be an obvious principle. But I bet that we all have been in that position where one had to deal with that situation.

    So yeah, great advice! I just wish that we were in a place where principles like that doesnīt have to be mentioned and still be obvious.

    Apologies for my bad grammar, English is not my native tongue

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    All great advice
    unless yer backing someone (star) & in advance know you are simply a "hired gun" decisions ( maybe include yer soundman if hes an important part of yer band..otherwise ...unless yer part of onstage performance...all decisions made by those people only (not wives not phriends ) remember theres a difference tween a business mgr & a booking agent ....always get "decisions" on paper...altho its noble to believe "a mans word is his bond" that doesnt stand up in court,,,protect yerself ( if you dont,,,nobody will!!! Copyright or trademark original ideas )....





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