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    my band decided that were playin spoonman by soundgarden, the drumming is really weird, does anyone have any idead how to play it?

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    I know that the first three bars of the song is played in 7/4, and then again throughout the song. The way its syncopated, reading any tabs would be a little frustrating. I think the best course of action to take would be to just put the song on, and play along with it until you figure out the structure and then have fun adding whatever you want to personalize it.

    Sorry if that's completely useless to you, buy just my two cents.

    Good luck with it!

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    Do you want to know actually how to play it or what equipment is used?
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    Ok, I'll amdit, I've never sat down and played it myself, but I thought I knew the song fairly well. Doesn't seem all that weird to me - unless your wanting to play the spoons bit - THAT's a different monster all together. But otherwise, it's a straightforward song I thought....might have to have another listen to. I mean, I agree with the 7/4 thing, that's about the only way I would explain it, but otherwise, during verses and chorus it's all in 4/4 still (i think - going purely from memory here). Just feel it man.....
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