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Thread: Bosphorous Cymbals

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    I'm about to pull the trigger on Bozzy Master Series 14" or 15" hats. I've never purchased a cymbal online before, having insisted on seeing, touching, playing first. But alas, we have no dealers in Minnesota.
    Here is the context: Looking for the best hats to complete/compliment a new cymbal set as follows:
    Ride - 20" Zildjian Crash of Doom
    Crash1 - 19" Istanbul Agop Xist
    Crash2 - 17" Dream Vintage Bliss
    Effect - 18" Istanbul Ion Xist
    Effect - 16" Wuhan China
    Splash - 8" Paiste Signature Dark Energy

    I would really appreciate any input/advice concerning the Bosphorus hats. I really like the Antique--especially the look--but sound files online as well as YouTube comparisons have me ready to jump at the Master. Also, for the setup above, I'm not certain whether to do 14" or 15".

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    BackStreetDrums Guest

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    The Masters are very soft, buttery, more of a jazz series. Looking at your setup, I would say, they may be to soft, not project as you may want. They are crisp, light, good stick articulation for soft/moderate music..great for jazz trio, and anything not requiring volume.
    Unless you play jazz, and your cymbal lineup does not indicate that, they may not be the right fit for you.
    I played Bosphorus for years, and had the complete Master series at one time, including 15" Master hats. I always played jazz.
    Hope that helps

    PS/ The Antiques may be a better pick. They are heavier, project well

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    BackStreetDrums Guest

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    Anyone try/use the New 20th Anniversary series?

    More interested in the 21" Ride in particular..
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    In the past two months I have purchased: 22" traditional series thin ride, 21" Turk series thin ride, 14" Master Vintage hi-hats, 18" Master Vintage crash, and a 19" Master Vintage crash. I love the all, but I don't play Hard Rock or Metal.
    With two strips of painter's tape on the 22" Traditional ride I have a pretty good approximation of a K Constantinople medium thin low ride. The fact that I picked it up new for $170 is icing on the cake.

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    BackStreetDrums Guest

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    Anyone have experience with the Bosphorus Jazz Masters (New for 2016). Seem less $$ than the Masters. Also, seem thinner.One of the new gen 'multi-cymbals' that everyone is offering.
    Just don't see or hear much about them.

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    sorry buddy, not many jazz players here, and not many with turkish cymbals as most people here are in the us...

    just my opinion from looking at some vids, great sound, and very thin indeed! I can't say they look amazing if that is important to you...

    You ever play Agops? I had th 21" mel lewis ride, great sound, just wasn't right for the music i play so had to let her go...

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