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Thread: DW Go Anywhere practice kit question.

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    Hello guys,

    I am moving in an apartment in 2 weeks with my girlfriend. I have a DW go anywhere practice kit at home and i am going to take it to the apartment to practice as i cannot take an acoustic kit. I don't want to have any problems with my neighbors or the owner of the appartment for the noise. I know the noise that this pad makes but i don't know if it's gonna be annoying for my neighbors, especialy for the people who stay underneath. Did anyone of you guys tried this before? Is there any way of making the practice kit more quiet, especially the kick pad (I have a double bass pedal on it and i practice a lot).
    I have an old drumkit at home that i don't use. Would it be better if i bought mesh heads and put on it for practice than the dw kit???

    Thanks a lot
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    i say play on the dw go anywhere kit and let the neibors know hey i have this little practice kit can i play on it about 2 hours a day. you have to try and have a good relationship with your neibors i dont live an apartment but i do live in a residential area and they i never play later than about 8. because i talked to a few of my neibors and there fine with it. oh if you want to silence the go kit put some towels on the pads.
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