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    Sorry bout the title but i needed to get your attention. has anyone anytips on how to properly grip the stick with your left hand(if your right handed). should i grip it the same way as the right hand. with my right hand i got the stroke hit i can feel the bounce and have control over it. unfortunatly i cant seem to match the same technique on my left hand and hence i am unable to perfect my stroke work.

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    It really depends on which grip style you intend on using. From what you are saying it apears that you want to use what is called Matched Grip. You want to mirror your right hand with your left.

    For a detailed explanation of Matched Grip and its varients try this Wiki.

    Also it sounds like you may be having basic control and stability problems. All percussionists have them to some degree. Rudimentary practice and repition is one of the best ways to perfect your grip and stability.
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    i suppose i should have said that i want to use the matched grip (for the power)but i can only do rudiments with the traditional grip. with the matched grip i just don't get the feel right but i get plenty of power. i guess its just a decision i have to make...

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