You'll need to learn how to tune your drums to get a good sound. One of the best drum tuning dvds on the market is Bob Gatzen's "Sound and Design Simplified", an extension of his very popular book, "Drum Tuning Simplified". With this method, you'll get a straight forward lesson on drum tuning with one of the foremost educators and drum specialists in tuning. Bob Gatzen lays it down simple and to the point allowing you to get a grasp on basic drum tuning techniques for drumset. A favorite among drummers and drum teachers.

There are many other resources for drum tuning on the net, many of them free. Check out the hand full of drum tuning tips over at and don't miss the free drum tuning tips at the free drum lessons database.

If you need more drum tuning books, cds or dvds, written by professional drummers, please visit drum

Drum Tuning Questions? You're in the right place! - There are hundreds of drummers in Drum Chat that can help. Simply search fordrum tuning in the search box at the top of the forum and you'll find all kinds of posts on the subject.

Good luck in your drum lessons and learning how to tune drums!