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Thread: Mark Kermanj??

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    Default Mark Kermanj??

    Anyone heard of him.. if so please provide me a picture

    He said he played for Chemlab, I met him at our gig tonight. I'm just not sure if he's really who he say's he is..

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    Long time from when you posted but yes he was in Chem lab, in which he wrote Suicide Jag and one other song also on the album...forget the name of the album but it kicks ***. He was also in The Meatmen, Earth 18 and so on all out of the DC area.
    He is my cousin and I play drums also.

    Another band he was in, The Factory just released there CD from 20 years ago or more on Acetate records.

    Mark is a amazing drummer and a great teacher.

    I actually have his 1969 Ludwig(oddly enough the set was sold in 1971 but all the drums were made in 1969) which I think he might come pick back up for some studio work.

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    Default Re: Mark Kermanj??

    He is also on Facebook now so you could try seaching him.

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