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    Ive been drooling over that new Pearl Demon Drive since I first seen it. The concept to me makes sense to me. Everything is solid and attatched. You push the peddle it goes down, you let go it comes back. The only thing stopping me is 700$.

    Are there any other peddles like this one out there?

    How do these compare to the chain and nylon(?) or others that are out there i dont know of?
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    Sure, direct drives are nothing new, they've been around since the 60's.

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    Axis and Trick are also good for direct drive pedals
    Still expensive but you'll find the price a bit easier to swallow with the Axis pedals.

    I have a Mapex Janus system wich uses direct drive on the left pedal and chain ont he right - to be honest, they feel so different it's not even funny. My comaplint is that mapex didn't invest enough tiome or money to develop the concept of the Janus Hi-Hat/Pedal system enough. With the right development and progression it could easily beocme the biggest thing in double-pedals, but oh well - whatever.

    Anywya - back to the question at hand. Direct drive is quite good in the sense that the pedal follows closely what the foot is doing. The downside is that it can rely heavily on being properly lubricated, more so than chain or strap, hence why the skate bearings are such a big deal on the Pearl Demon Drive. Trick use another sort of bearing system, I'm not sure about Axis. The other thing to watch is the lag on a double pedal system - the cam and settings need to be calibrated just right - which can be a pain - but once it's calibrated to that perfect setting, all you do is lubricate and play and you'll wonder why everyone isn't using the exact pedal you are because it's soooo perfect. All that ebig said, people get used to the rebound effect of chain/strap systems and allot fo foot techniques are deisgned to use it to your advantage for speed, some of whihc is lost on the direct drive pedals. At least that's been my finding. Since I can compare how my left and right feel at the exact same time, I figure I've got a pretty realistic same time comparison.

    i cna only assume ooher companies make direct drive systems, but Axis and Trick are the main ones I know of.
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    Direct drive is definately the way to go if you are not already use to chain. They are expensive but the accuracy, feel and speed is far superior than that of a chain driven pedal. They are expenive but if you save your pennies they are definately worth the money. Axis seems to be the big hype nowadays due to the price being much lower than the Trick. Although Trick just recently released the "Dominator" which retails about $550. That beats the axis price tag and quite honestly Trick in my eyes is a better pedal brand. I have played the Pearl Demon Drive and they seem to be inferior and extremely overpriced. Just a lot of flashy glamour to catch the eye of the purchaser. The trick, along with Axis, is fully machined and very durable and they have also been in the longboard direct drive market much longer than Pearl. Stick to the brands that have been doing it for a while, they know the engineering much better. Yamaha also makes a decent direct drive as well but its not a longboard.
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