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    so tomorrow night i'm playing a show and i just bought a new head for my bass drum because the old one got destroyed. so after i brought it home i realized it doesn't have a port cut in it... so i'm wondering if the sound guy can still mic the drum. will it make it sound worse if there is no port in it? thanks

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    Cutting the hole is very easy. All you need is a utility knife (sheetrock knife) and a drinking glass or small plate. Use the glass or plate as a template and score a circle on the head and then carefully cut out the hole. It takes less than 5 minutes.

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    Yea, what he said. Just go slow and make sure your knife doesn't slip or you'll have a "not so round" hole when you're through.

    Also, consider some hole protectors after you've cut it. Although I only use them now and then, sound guys are famous for ripping a big tear in your bass drum.

    (Also, don't forget the new kickport option. This thing is amazing!)
    - Tom

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    thanks guys! i cut the hole and its in pretty good shape for now.

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