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    Hey peoples. This fall I'm going off to college there's a music scholarship I'm going to audition for. I'm majoring in electrical engineering but they say your major doesn't matter so anyways... I need to make an audition video with snare, some sort of concert percussion, and two distinctly different styles on drum set. I'm set for everything except I want to play a jazz piece and don't know where to start. If anyone can suggest anything fairly complicated and diverse and all that jazz(puns are fun) it would be greatly helpful. Thanks and wish me luck
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    Play something Big Band Swing and Big Band Latin...definitely two different styles that will show versatitily in your playing and also that you can read sheet music.
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    Lightbulb Pat Metheny / Wayne Krantz

    Alternately you can go with a Metheny/Krantz piece if your looking into a more less traditional jazz piece.

    Here's something to give you an idea:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Pat Metheny Trio - Lone Jack[/ame]

    Though you might not want a long drawn out solo like the one Antonio did.

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    love it. great share.
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    Sing, Sing, Sing always works.

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