Hi everyone, im new to this forum, thanks for activating me, this is a bit of an essay of a post, so i dont blame you if you just go tl:dr :P

Basically i recently bought a new tama hyperdrive, and im in the process of getting it re-headed, comfortably set up, tuned, etc and i just wanted to get some advice on a few things, maybe a few questions to start off with but i will end up posting some more, here is my (current) setup:


although now i just have both floor toms to the right

You obviously all have good opinions on drum stuff so i have a few questions:

1. Heads.... I know every single answer will have an element of 'it all depends what sound you like', i will do my best to specify but here goes.

I really hate resonance, well, i think that is what it is, when you hit the drum and it keeps rattling...eurgh, i like my kit to sound as tight (cant think of a better word, like short fade) as possible, with the tama heads on right now, all im getting is the fundamental note, with a rattle afterwards which just goes right through me.

I have had remo heads on a kit before and i found i had the same problem. Im looking at evans, do i need to buy two sets of skins? one for batter, one for reso sides? is there anything you could suggest to me?

Snare wise, I like my snare to sound loud and high pitched, so it cuts through the rest of the band and hits the back of the venue nicely, again, with minimal fade (i think that is correct), I am thinking a very strong skin that can be cranked right up, am i in danger of breaking anything? Its a really rubbish snare anyway but i cant afford a proper one right now

Bass drum, I like my bass to be as warm as possible, i have played on awful starter kit skins and it sounds like you are twanging an elastic band! I like a nice low thud for my bass drum

Volume is not a massive issue, i guess volume depends on how hard you hit so im more focuesd on nice sound

2. hardware, i hate the position of my high toms, the clamps dont allow it to position itself so the face of the drum is sorta like, comfortable to hit, like, perpendicular to the stick

Is there any piece of kit that is just basically a clamp that has a vertical arm to set the toms more to the left. The main reason i bought a hyperdrive was because the toms are shallow and can get into some tight spaces, but clamping them on my straight cymbal just makes them face the wrong direction

It might just be a case of getting a double tom stand

3. Should I invest in a drum dial?

4. Can anyone suggest a good ride? the position my ride is in means its perfect for grooving on as a crash, but right now my ride is a cheap zxt, really heavy and clangy to crash on

Would i be looking for a thinner lighter ride? I like my ride to have a nice ping, but i also like it to have a warmer tone when i crash on it...is it a case of not being able to have both?

I have been looking at crash/rides, like 19" ones, anybody ever played with one? do they function well?

Thats it for now, im sure i will have tons more questions if these ones go down well, cheers