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    Talking Xilxo Cymbals

    While checking out Soultone dealers...and their websites.

    One of them mentioned selling Xilxo Cymbals.

    Well...I found the site...and guess what!? another company selling Turkish made cymbals! Maybe it's just me not being vigilant with keeping up with the new cymbal/hardware drumming news...but wow...if I had the opportunity of buying new cymbals...I'd be trying these lesser known Turkish brands! (I'm still itching to spend quality time with a select set of Alchemy cymbals).

    Anyway...Xilxo...anyone spend quality time with any of their cymbals?

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    Nope - but I agree with you about trying some of these new Turkish upstarts.

    So many cymbals, so little time!
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    i tried to do some research on them, but all i could find is there name, not really anything about there products, maybe someone else will have better luck

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    There are so many boutique cymbal shops now, I want them all!

    oh wait that takes money, oh well ;-)
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    One company sent me some sound files- I liked what I heard and the prices were quite reasonable. As others have mentioned I currently have all that my budget will allow or otherwise I might purchase some.

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