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Thread: Sarnia Bayfest 2009

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    Hey DC ers!

    I posted this in my original thread, but thought I would put it in the actual video section...

    On July 17th, the Band I play in (Shelly Rastin Band) opened for Tim McGraw at Sarnia Bayfest (see

    It was great!
    By far the largest crowd I've played in front of!
    It was about 3/4 full when we somewhere around 14,000 people or so!

    Our guitar tech guy filmed part of one of our tunes

    I also posted some pics in an albulm on my profile.
    Just wated to share it with Drum Chat!!!


    [ame=""]YouTube - Sarnia Bayfest 2009 Born In A Barn[/ame]
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    Default Re: Sarnia Bayfest 2009

    Good for you. Fun ain't it!

    Are those dancers with you on every show?
    - Tom

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    Quote Originally Posted by drummer View Post
    Good for you. Fun ain't it!

    Are those dancers with you on every show?
    Hey Drummer! Very Fun!!! I'm hooked on the big stage/ big crowds.

    The dancers are friends of the band.
    They are called the Country Cruisers. They compete at competitions all over.
    Last year,they became world champions in line dancing!

    We have them come up and line dance for a couple of tunes every once and a while. We thought they would add to the entertainment of our set that night, which they did!

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