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Thread: Doubles with single bass help

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    Ok guys, so heres my problem: I've been trying for a while to develop my doubles with a single pedal, but can't seem to improve. When I started Bonham triplets (RLK) it was hard but I could do it, just at a slower rate. Now I can "rip" around the kit with them, for me meaning I can move my hands around freely with them at a moderately fast tempo. However, what I REALLY want to be able to "rip" around with is doubles, or more specifically, RLKK. I can do a really quick double that sounds pretty good, but just trying to fluidly go around the kit like that, I'm completely stuck. Does anyone have any advice at all (i.e. pedal settings, specific excersises, personal experience)? If it helps I use the slide technique. Thanks!

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    I had the same problem and my solution was to remain consistent with the count.
    As a single exercise, I count the pattern (RLK) as a triplet figure because that's what it is. So, playing successive measures...RLK RLK RLK RLK... I count tham as 1 Trp Let
    2 Trip Let 3 Trip Let 4 trip Let. The count is important because it seperates each pattern and gives you the sense of "Pocket." To used a double kick, you simplay add one more note to the pattern (RLKK). However, it now looks more "Paradiddle" like and the count wouls be more 16th note pattern (1 e & a). This can be a problem but is easily solved by bring it iunto a Triplet pattern (RLK K RLK K). Triplets can be played on the beat and off the beat. Every beat has both an On beat and off beat. So, now you count this triplet as 1 trp let & 2 trip let &. See what I mean? If you can keep a consistent count with your exercises it will make it easier for you to hear and "Feel" the pattern as you use the double makes sense. Of course, you also have the right idea about starting this exercice at a slower tempo so you can listen to it as play it. Keep the counting as I suggest and that will then help you even more as you begin to increase the speed. By then, you will have discovered your follow up exercise to this...playing consecutive patterns with the double kick:

    RLK KRL KKR LKK etc. etc.

    Great thread and I hope this helps!!
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    Thanks! I never thought of counting them as extended triplets. I'll go try that now!

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    That's an awesome (as usuall) explanation Frank!

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    the alternative is: KRL KRL and eventually KRLKRLKRL
    It feels like you're at a gallop, but done over all the toms and interspersed with the snare it's WAAAY more interesting sounding but starts with the kick-starts with the "punch" of the kick versus starting with the "softer" toms.


    Good Luck!

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