First off, let me say Whats up to everybody here. I am 18 turning 19 in less than a month and started playing drums when I was in 3rd grade. I kinda stopped after 7th grade when I was in the jazz band because I got grounded for bad grades and lost my drum teacher as a punishment. While I was in 10th grade, my friend got a drum set because he is very into music and asked me to jam with him. Throughout the rest of high school we played occasionally until our first semester of college where we started playing very serious and I actually started practicing again and could notice a difference in my skill.

Well now that my life story is over and you guys are probably all tired of reading about it, I have a lot more to type and a lot of questions for you guys.

First off, I am very into metal, as it is my favorite type of music. (Not the only kind I listen to, my taste in music goes from one end to another in terms of variety). But a couple months ago I recently got into playing double bass as his set has a set of Iron Cobras, I believe they are an older model but they are still pretty nice. My first question is, my left foot speed lacks compared to my right, because I was playing for about 6 years on and off with only one foot and my right foot speed is actually very fast. I was wondering if you guys knew of any good exercises to get my foot speed up as quick as possible? I know drumming takes practice and time, but I am moving in with this friend within the next two weeks so I will have my drum set all day to play and practice on.

Also, I am sure the double bass pedal is very good, but it's old and I know nothing about it or how to adjust it or anything to get the right tension for it (which may be why I struggle sometimes doing long periods of rolls). Now don't get me wrong, I like to think I am a pretty talented drummer, and all of my musician friends say I have a great amount of potential if I could just have a teacher and more practice. But I don't have the money for a teacher right now with new rent payments and car payments, etc. So, I was wondering if anybody could give me a list of exercises to work out every aspect of drumming so I could basically teach myself quicker. Granted, I know all about paradiddles and rudiments and stuff, I was just wondering if there was any tips or tricks to getting even better and reaching my full potential quicker.

Lastly, I played Pearl Eliminator pedals the other day and thought they were fantastic. My buddy and I have been talking about replacing the IC's for awhile and I was wondering what you guys' input would be about which pedal would be best. I was talking to one of my good friends who is a fantastic drummer and I believe studying it in school, and he said he plays DW9000s and Eliminators and says he loves both. I am trying to get to my local music store to play on both, but my car situation hasn't been helping at all, so I was wondering what you guys recommended. If you're wondering what kind of music I will be playing, Gene Hoglan is a great inspiration to me, as well as basically any other drummer I listen to. Music is a huge portion of my life and I am willing to take the time to get that much better at it and hope you guys have some info for me!

Don't get me wrong, I am no amateur drummer, just looking for some handouts and always trying to better myself.

Thanks to anyone who actually reads all this and has some good input for me. This site seems great and I will become a active member on it.