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Thread: Any Ideas For Drum Lesson Curriculum?

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    Do you know what i should start with as i give my first drum lesson? I have 13 years playing experience. I taught myself, played in bands ranging from progressive instumental to punk rock. The kid i will be teaching is 12. It is more of a trade deal for my boss, although i would like to start getting more in to giving lessons. but i dont think going to music school myself is anywhere in my future..(does that explain things?) Im not sure if i should start teaching him how to play a basic 4/4 beat, or if i should start with stick control and handling. because like i say, i only owe my boss two of these lessons. but if i start on the right foot i could continue it and even make some money I would appreciate any feedback i can get, ie books, websits etc. Thanks guys. -Beau

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    break the lesson down into intervals, say 15 minutes on rudiments, 15 minutes counting/technique, 15 mins working on a simple song on the kit (this will give them some kind of goal to work at), 15 minutes from the book "syncopation for the modern drummer"

    you have to keep it interesting for them and if it's all just practicing rudiments on the pad they'll be bored and lose interest quickly, thats what happened to me when i was a kid.

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    if you can, do it in 10 minuet intervals not 15, lessons usually only go for half an hour

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