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    I am a big Stryper fan and I have been listening to them alot more lately since their new album came out(murder by pride), very good buy. Anyway, Robert Sweet plays this quick bass drum pattern on the song more than a man which is off their to hell with the devil album back in 86 or so. I can play it through 2 or 3 repetitions and then I fall apart. Im trying to use a combination of heel/toe to play it. I stink.

    Would someone be so gracious to video their foot playing this? I can send you the song if you like.

    It has 8 beats per measure(bass).

    It may be easier just to check the song out here and maybe you could just show me without the song, or maybe listen to the song with your headphones and just let the video capture your foot and bass drum.

    I dont know if this is stupid to ask of you guys, but I have seen some good videos on here and I know there are those of you who can do this in your sleep. The guy in the video is very good and he is a member on the stryper forum where I am a member, but he is very hard to get a hold of.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Go ahead Fades Away! This has your name all over it. I have seen your work already. Veeerrry nice!

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    FF... Take a different approach: Practice your right foot with the same intensity that one does rudimentswith their hands. Practice a lot with the fast samba pattern and use a lot of bass drum patterns worked up to very fast speeds. Put the time in. It won't happen overnight. You will find that this simple approach will deliver the results you need. I recommend heel up if you're not using that already.

    This may sound like an overly simplified approach but trust me, it works. Most drummers simply neglect their feet and then can't figure out why they can't play certain bass drum patterns comfortably up tempo. If you practice your feet as strongly as your hands, I promise you, you will see amazing results!
    - Tom

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    HA I'll take a look! Send me the song and I'll see what i can do. I'll pm my email to you, I love challenges so bring it! ha ha!

    Fades Away

    Forever I am Forgiven, and Forever, I will Rejoice.

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    Dang, I figured someone would have already posted up. Maybe this kick drum pattern is not as easy as I thought it would be.

    Could someone just record a few seconds on the kickdrum using this pattern so I can see your footwork? I think a visual will help me out.

    i can email the song ....

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    I'll see if I can do it and film my feet doing that pattern. No need to send me the song, I can get it by other means.

    Although first I'll need to find the charger for the camera. I need the charger to hook the camera up to the computer... lol.
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    - Zack

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    That would be great.

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