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Thread: Broken snare drum head!

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    Hey guys

    after three days withought drumming i thought i would give them a go but after a minute or two my snare drum head broke!!!! I'm furious!!! Anyways, i was looking for a new one on evans... I really want the drum head to be durable!! I also like a bit of sustain but i am not sure about it cause my snare drum isn't quite good. I would like it to give some attack because i normaly play rock. So, i was between 1) Evans ST Drumhead (code:B14ST) 2) Evans EC Reverse Dot Snare Drumhead (code:B14ECSRD) and 3) Evans EC1 Coated Drumhead (code:B14EC1). So what do you suggest? I would preferre if you told me about evans heads for no reason at all!! Please help quick because i can't stand withought drumming any longer!!!


    P.S. This is the second time i am writing this post because it was deleted the first!!!

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    I'm not a big fan of the EC series for snares. I tried an EC2 and outside the center dot area the drum was "dead".

    You can go with a simple G2 coated. 2 ply so it's durable, or maybe a Genera HD or HD Dry (vented). There is also the Power Center and Power Center Reverse Dot.

    Those are the one's I have some experience with. Don't know the ST, but from the site's description seems like a good choice. Unfortunately you just have to pull the trigger and try one and see if you like it, etc... Trial and error is the only way with heads, especially b/c the same head sounds different on different drums. I've had G2 coateds on some snare sound great, and lame on others.

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    Sorry bro, I cant be of any help . Ive always used Remo heads and recently have been changing over to Aquarian . Best of luck .

    PS.......stop deleting your posts.
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