I play in a praise and worship band on Sundays. Frequently other members of our group intro the songs and are not always perfect with the tempo. Because of this the first few bars are usually an odd period of tempo adjustment til the groove is found.

I would like to present an accurate tempo to my band mates and this is the process I would like to use. 1. The song finishes, and as either the piano or guitar transitions to the next song I would like to start 1 or 2 bars of the next songs tempo from a metronome in my in ear monitors. Then deliver that accurate tempo either on High Hat strikes or stick clicks to the group. I know I could do this with the Boss db-90, a fs-6 foot pedal and a small mixer. I have seen pro drummers do this so I know the process has some validity to it. Just wondering if there might be a less expensive option and what the guys giggin out there do. I would really like to advance the pre-programed tempos using my left foot. I do things like kit selection on the Roland kit and cymbal and chime work during the transitions with my hands.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and I hope my description of the issue makes sense to folks.