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    hi all... well, i have been at this for ~1 year now (first 9 months with a dd-55 pad thingy; last ~3 months with a simmons e-kit - sd7k).

    I thought about taking lessons early on, but decided that it might be better (from a $$ standpoint) to FIRST see if i really TOOK to drumming (i.e., not just a passing fad!). Well, i really think i've made it through that concern and am considering taking some lessons...

    to this point i have used various online resources and am doing simple things like trying to keep a proper beat, doing some ruds., and just "jamming" along with songs through the i-pod (which can be connected to the simmons and my headphones)...

    I've looked into lessons a little, and am trying to get a gauge on what a "normal" price range is for drum lessons (either as per session, hr, week....)

    could anyone comment on this?

    recently i got a quote of:
    "...$30/half hour, $45/45 minutes or $60/hour for lessons at your home..."
    (though i did not request an "in house" lesson - i guess this is just how this one person does it)...


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    Check this thread out about the cost of drum lessons...

    My instructor charges $20 for a half hour lesson at a music store.

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    ahhh... thanks!!

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    Keep in mind it's very location dependent. The prices you quoted are lower than what it costs around me, by a bit.

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