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Thread: left hand woes!

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    Question left hand woes!

    Hello my fellow drum chatters,
    I've been playing drums for a while, and I'm self taught. Ive never actually gotten into to doing rudiments or "chops". I've always been a groover. I enjoy making my drums musical within a song without being very flashy or over playing. I've always worked on creating a feel and a crucial pocket. Well....... Lately I have been picking up a few gigs that require more "chops" and flashiness. I know i'm very late and I should have BEEN working on rudiments, paradiddles, etc, along time ago........ Hey its better late than never! Now I can provide chops and such, however, when practicing I struggle with bringing my left hand up to speed. Please feel free, anybody, to respond and offer suggestions or reccommendations.

    Thanks guys!!!

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    SMF, it really isn't magical, it just requires consistent practice - recency and frequency is the key. The muscles will adapt, and develop to the demands that are placed upon them. The more you work, the faster the muscles will develop and the more muscle memory you will develop, making everything easier.

    Believe me, if there was some magic pill for all this, we'd all be thinking about taking it! Me most of all, because I started at a more advanced age, and I'd really like to be good NOW!!
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    welcome to the forum

    im sorry but rudiments and sticking exercises are only way you will get true stick control

    the best advice i could give you on getting better faster is , take at least one drum lesson

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    Thanks guys!! I will take the advice from both of you and apply it to my process in growth.

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