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    hey was just searching around the forum but could not find a duplicate thread, so i thought i would ask these two questions.

    1) im a big fan of big kits, and im looking to build mine which is an older pro m which is difficult to find sizes in the exact color im looking for. my question there- is it recommended to get the drum if its the size you need, no matter what color and rewrap it later?

    2) if i ever did not choose to rewrap specifically for cosmetic purposes, is there any way i can maybe send a drum to the company and have them copy the finish on the other drums so they are a perfect match? or is it too special an order, and too expensive?
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    Russ, I am no expert here, but I would think that if it is a color that is no longer offered, the #2 option would be very expensive if Mapex decided to do it, because it would have to be assigned to the custom shop. Even then, it might not be an exact match because you said you have an older kit, so the color might have changed slightly over time.

    I would think option #1 makes more sense, but as I said, I am no expert here. I am sure you will get more valuable guidance from others that do drum restoration.
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    Your better off re-wrapping th entire kit to match.
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