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Thread: Best trigger setup for acoustic drums?

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    Default Best trigger setup for acoustic drums?


    I'm a metal drummer that plays fast double bass. For live shows, triggering seems to be necessary, or else the notes I play won't be heard.

    I have an Alesis DM5 and two ddrum Acoustic Pro triggers. Lately, however, I've noticed that the triggers' response has been erratic.

    I play with two Trick Pro 1-V singles.

    Part of the issue is this whole business of adjusting parameters like Decay, Noise, and X-talk seems rather complicated and not always logical, and part of this issue might be that my triggers themselves might be malfunctioning.

    My questions are

    1) what are the best triggers / drum modules for my application (bass drums, triggered as simply and straightforwardly as possible, to be used for live primarily and as an extra track during recording secondarily.)

    2) if my ddrum triggers are indeed not functioning properly, how do I fix them? (I've not used them very much in the three years that I've had them, but recording them direct into Pro Tools has yielded some not consistent results)

    Please let me know what you all use and like/hate. Thank you!

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    Default Re: Best trigger setup for acoustic drums?

    i used remo muffl's(8-20 each), drumdial drum triggers(50 for a 5pk), and a roland td-7 module(200). silent, but felt real, and wasnt expensive at all. best part about using this setup is you dont have to buy pricey roland or hart magnums, and you keep the feel of your kit 100%
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    Default Re: Best trigger setup for acoustic drums?

    Thanks, Russ!

    I'll look into those Drum Dial and Roland products.

    What's specifically important about using the drum muffles?

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