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    This is counted as one-trip-let two three-trip-let four

    How is this counted?


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    I think it`s 1-trip-let-2-trip-let-three 4-trip-let-5-trip-let-six
    the three and six are quarter notes

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    You're counting the first one wrong. It is a bar of 2/4 and is counted, "1 ta ta and, 2 ta ta and" (or "1 trip-let-and, 2 trip-let-and". The second graphic is in 4/4 time and is counted, "1 ta ta and ta ta 2, 3 ta ta and ta ta 4". I recommend using "ta ta" for triplets because it rolls off the tongue a lot faster when counting 16th note triplets.
    - Tom

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    Those are sextuplets, not triplets. 6 counts per beat. I was taught to count it as to-tal-ly-tri-pl-et. Count it however you want, this is just the phrase my instructor used.

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    Trips on the 8ths in 4/4...3 hits/attacks per 8th note = 6 per beat....I find it easier to *sing it* then to count them...but there's different ways of counting it

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