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Thread: Holding the stick in your left hand differently..

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    Default Holding the stick in your left hand differently..

    hey, i just thought id post this thread out there because i think other people are confused about this too. how to people holding the stick in there left hand, iv tried it but its always very awkward to hold and doesn't help me at all! can someone tell how to hold it correctly and if i need to suck it up and practice holding it that way.

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    ya traditional grip (wat its called) has always seemed weird to me too i cant ever make it feel natural

    help sophisticated experienced drummers

    sending out an S.O.S!!
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    I like the way that Darren Matthes puts it
    no grip that allows you to express your self is ever wrong. some just are easier.

    so explain differently, do you mean traditional?
    cause i playa traditional but not on the set, thats just weird.
    I really wish that we could actually show the pictures in here...

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    Wasn't traditional grip originally invented so that marching band members wouldn't tire out with their left arm from playing matched grip?

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    i was unsure about both grips myself, i just went to the library (or maybe even) and rented some drum instructional videos/dvd's and they had several and all showed you how to do it

    it was much easier for me to understand them both seeing someone explain it, its hard to explain in text i think

    a good one is one with ed soph in it btw

    hope that helps, ive been trying to use traditional a bit, and actually helps on my snare stickings when i need multiple quick hits, IF i hold it like the tapes show me.....too poor for an instructor

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