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    Crash 'N Flash Drummer Light Show

    Crash 'N Flash Drummer Light Show - Finally, a lighting system designed for on cue lighting, controlled from the stage without cumbersome foot switches or complicated and finicky DMX controllers. The Crash 'N Flash Drummer Light Show system provides an on cue, expressive, and affordable solution to your stage lighting needs: accent lighting or your entire light show. The Crash 'N Flash Drummer light system is completely timed and executed by the drummer through cymbal crashes on acoustic or electronic drum sets, making for an instantaneous and seamless lighting accent to compliment your show. Drummers, don't get caught playing in the dark ever again! Now your audience will hear the crash and visually experience an on cue simultaneous explosion of light. Complement this with fog/haze and/or strobe lighting and the effect is truly outstanding. Now any band can have a concert-style choreographed light show at a fraction of the cost. This is the perfect lighting system to take your show to the next level. Couple the Crash 'N Flash Drummer system with LED lights for a vast amount of impressive lighting.

    The system was designed by a working drummer and professional stagehand for some of the biggest touring acts on the concert circuit. This lighting system has stood the "test of time" and can withstand the rigors of years of non-stop failure proof performances. Even for bands with a lighting director/designer, this is the perfect lighting complement, especially effective on drum solos or the massive drum fills at the endings of songs. It comes in standard highly polished aluminum chrome-like finish (if you would like a black or gold finish please notate in the order comments). The Crash 'N Flash Drummer Light Show system consists of a cymbal stand mountable switch/ bracket assembly that is activated when the drummer strikes the crash cymbal, a power outlet box with direct and switched outlets, and all of the necessary cables and hardware. It even comes with a sturdy storage pouch. Simply plug in your lights and the show is ready to begin.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Crash 'n whole band lighting[/ame]

    Go to DRUM BUM For More Info and/or To Purchase the Crash 'N Flash Drummer Light Show

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    Wow, great effect!
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