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Thread: Need help with doubles!!!!!

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    Default Need help with doubles!!!!!

    Hey guys, thanks for helping me out.

    I have been trying to doubles for about 4 years now and i can't seem to get passed 120 bpms i am loosing my cool here! i tried using my ancles for a year or two, i tried heels up and down. Can some one help with. The Start, how to warm up and other crap? i will give you gold!
    thanks alot guys-cheers

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    same problem!

    i'm up to eighth notes at 250bpm but cannot get past it no matter what i do. i need hep bad.
    I really wish that we could actually show the pictures in here...

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    Interval training!

    This is what physical trainers (i.e. gym) do to get people's fitness levels up. It's good for singles, doubles, paradiddles, whatever you want to get faster.

    Using a metronome, start at an easily controllable speed that you can play with precision. Then jack the metronome up 5bpm, play for 2-5 minutes (I use 5 minute intervals, but sometimes there's not enough spare time to devote to it).

    Keep going up in intervals of 5bpm until you hit a speed that you can barely control - then back down 5bpm (you should be able to control this speed) and this will be your 'control speed'. Play solidly on your control speed for 5 min, then go up 5bpm and practice here for 5. After doing this for long enough, you should be able to control this new speed.

    What you're trying to do is slowly push your control speed up in increments of 5bpm. When you have a new control speed, push forward another 5bpm.


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    Default doubles

    look into the "heel and toe" practice techniqe. I am looking into that now but still cant master it as it is very difficult plus i dont think im doing it right anyway...

    also i have a book of mirrored grooves which gives you a loop of different beats over two bars so the left foot gets a nice start as well....very difficult but start really slow.

    play heels down to gain control then heels up to feel that as well.

    just some things im trying and has helped. im comfortable at 140bpm for two or three minutes then i lose it. the next day i just enjoy playing at 120 for 20 min or so with a couple of rests in between.

    so try the book or mirrored grooves, heel and toe and play heels down for control. Metronome and start really slow.

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