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    Hey guys it been awhile since my last login, I have a question and I figured you guys were where i should go.

    My band Needs a PA system for our singer, because guitar/bass amps are not cutting it anymore. We need something that we would be able to use for small venues in the future but especially for practice right now. We are willing to spend up to $300, which should be enough for the speakers and amp. any suggestions? i have been looking at some Kustom stuff, and thinking thats where im gonna go. like the KPA100 PA package.

    So just lookin for some guidance, i can get that Kustom PA pack for $200, but is that what i need and will it be as high quality as kustom is known for?

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    Up your budget.

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    I would also love to read some answers, as I will be looking to do the same thing in the near future
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    $300 isnt going to cut it....i've been researching all this stuff for our band so here is what i can tell you. Dont go the powered mixer route unless you have to, get a nice board maybe 16 channels, you can find used ones on CL....mackie, yamaha, allen-heath,peavey all make good boards. the get yourselves a pair of powered speakers, yamaha MSP's, Mackie SRm450's, there are also warfdale titans that i hear pretty good things about , if you keep an eye on cl or ebay you can find good deals, Peavey Sp series are also good but the yamahas are probably the best bang for your buck.

    with powered speakers you dont have to worry about matching amps to the speakers, thats done from the factory and since you're running a non powered board you can always expand, add more amps, fx ect.

    and I would go with the 12" mains as opposed to 15" better for vocals

    if you want to ad kick drum and bass to the mix get at least a single 18" powered sub...they arent cheap though ...figure $1000, i would recommend a yorkville ls800

    when buying for the band dump as much as you can afford into the FOH and work your way back to the backline.
    you get what ya pay for...kustom, behringher and all the other discount mfg''s a gamble. so far my behringher powered mixer has been flawless but i have heard too many horror stories. our bass player is using a Kustom amp and it's been flaking out lately
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    Quote Originally Posted by Northern Redneck View Post
    Up your budget.
    I wish i could, but im a senior in highschool and it takes alot for me to get a little, especially when nobody is hiring.

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