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Thread: Help...Maybe I'm Just Crazy.....

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    Ok, I'm hoping the drummers in this forum can help me with this.... I am in bass player for a cover band. At times the drummer and I (bass) do not seem to lock in and it almost seems as though he is 1 beat behind on some of the accents. There was one instance where he could not get the beat right @ the end of a song and after going over it 1000 times one of the other guys noticed that his hand was in the wrong postion (coming up instead of down) to make the play. We recently did some recording and I noticed that he reversed the snare and bass drum hits, meaning he was hitting the snare instead of bass drum & vice versa.

    My quesiton is that is it possible to do this and if so would the end result be that your are off by 1 beat or more?

    Is this a common occurrence?

    This guy has been playing for 20 years...How would you approach this topic...

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    well, let me be first to to say welcom to DRUM chat....where the bassist is ALWAYS wrong. lol, just kidding. i say just show him the tape. the tape dont lie... like bass players. again jokin'

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    Cool Help...Maybe I'm Just Crazy

    Hey, bassdude--contrary to popular belief, drummers can't do it all...

    Like funky says, play the tape back for him. Sometimes if he starts out backwards, he'll stay backwards...does he do this on every song or just this one? The problem is if he's been doin' it for 20 years, it's gonna be tough for him to break it and do it the right way...
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