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    Hey guys, I'm no stranger to learning and playing cover songs, been doing it ever since I started playing. The thing is, my band doesn't have a singer right now, and learning and remembering the song structures is somewhat more difficult than before because of this...there's just a couple we can't seem to remember the structure of 100%. Any tips on you guys for rehearsing these until we get a singer (which hopefully won't be too long, we're in touch with someone, fingers crossed!)

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: I can't spell.....the title of the thread is supposed to be "Remembering songs..." as you might've guessed
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    i would say try and have everyone sing alone their heads as you play, either that or give a cue in. like a big head nod or something.
    i had trouble with long repetitive part for a while, and while solving then i would always be looking at a guitar play and they would give me nods as the phrase was about to change.

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    Until and unless everyone gets on the same page Chazbo, try listening to what the guitarist is doing, and get a feel for where he is going. My guitarist/vocalist changes endings on songs quite a bit, whether it's because he forgets how we rehearsed them or maybe he just gets all caught up in singing and loses I have to pay close attention to what he's playing to end the songs with him. It's something that takes practice, and a good feel for what the other band members are doing. The more you play together the better you can anticipate what they're going to do next. Hope that helps you a bit.
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    It isnt easy, try getting through a song with just drums and bass. We try, we fail ..both of us end up losing our place and i'm just too lazy to try and count out the song measure by measure.

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