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    so i play some metal from time to time (pretty often)

    i have a gap in bpm that i can play 16th note double kicks... i can play up to 175 just fine... and then at 200 to around 215 tops...

    the problem is i cant play inside this 175 to 200... its like my feet just loose control...

    anyone have this problem??
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    Your going faster than you can actually play.

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    There are ranges I have trouble with, and it's usually solved by playing with one foot instead of both. That's only because I'm lazy and haven't forced myself to work through those speed ranges.
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    one foot at a time. im going to work on this. 8ths and triplets one foot at a time till its smooth as butter!!!

    thanks for the help

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    It is not just 175-200 that I have problems with. But it all comes down to practice. I have to drill those speeds over and over and eventually i get it. Keep trying.

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