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    Hey DrumChat! Haven't been around lately, hope you're all doing well.

    I've been looking into getting a new kit, really liking Bubinga at the moment but we'll see... Anyways, going to put my current set on the market and am kinda out of touch with what things are going for these days, so if someone can give me a ballpark of the street value that would be greatly appreciated:

    Yamaha Stage Custom Standard, maple with cranberry stain.
    22" Kick, 10", 12", 14" rack toms, 16", 18" floor toms, stock 14" steel snare.
    Evans Coated G2 heads on all the toms batter heads, Emad 2 for kick batter head.
    Stock Yamaha pedal.
    Comes with the hardware, racks, a throne, all that jazz.
    It's all in excellent condition.

    Already know what I want for the cymbals I'm not keeping so I guess that's about it. Thanks in advance for replies
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    A maple Stage Custom?
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    I'd probably price a used 7pc stage custom at 400-800 depending on condition and age. Obviously things like a rack, double pedals, and other higher end hardware will increase the value. Local markets (craigslist) will vary, a larger city with more daily posts will probably get less, however a really small town might have a weaker market as well. Ebay is tough to tell, it all depends on who is looking at the time. Good luck with the sale!

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