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    So I'm a long time drummer, but a newbie here to DC, but have been hitting this place on and off for a couple of years, just info divin'. Wondering if anyone knows anything about these Spirits? Can't seem to find much on them. I believe they are a 80-81 1000. Obviously Niles era. The inside of the shell has that speckeled grey...odd. Fiberglass? Just curious what wood they really are? Has anyone ever played them? School kit? How's the hardware? My neighbor wants me to take them off his hands for cheap...what are they worth...if anything? (Avoid that small 10") Thank you.

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    Welcome to Drum Chat velvety! You are way over my head on drum identification and value, so I will leave that discussion to those who can be of help to you. I am sure they will be along soon.

    Again, welcome!
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    Spirit line ran from early to mid 80s. The shells were 3 ply maple/poplar/mahogany or maple/poplar/maple without re-rings. They were the same shells used on all the kits from early 60s through the early 80s just without re-rings. Not sure what the interiors were, but that speckle came factory on the spirit line, probably similar to the granitone interior that Ludwig had on the Rocker line around the same time. As far as I'm aware the "1000" is the configuration that it was sold in, there should not be any difference than the other Spirit lines ie 2000, 3000 etc, just a different shell config.

    They look like they are in decent shape, and they probably sound great. They were a student line I believe, but still a nice kit. The sizes look to be standard and they aren't concert toms, so thats a plus. I'd say they are worth anywhere from $400-$800 depending on the condition.

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    Thanks Gretschead, appreciate it. I thought they were the maple-poplar-maple, just with the "fibrafitting", really wasn't sure. Yeah, they do sound pretty good, and all original hardware as well. I think i'll take 'em off his hands. Thanks again, and thanks for the welcomes.

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