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Thread: Marktime poll! Please help

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    Exclamation Marktime poll! Please help

    A friend and I want to see how many drummers/drumlines marktime just with moving their heel up and down or do you move your whole foot up and down? So if you have time PLEASE let me know so we can get this out there!
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    whoa! there are drumset smilies now??
    -Leslie (aka Lezzle..)

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    pfffff look whos backk

    DC Hater

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    try to get the beat internalized, dont tap your foot at all to keep time
    I really wish that we could actually show the pictures in here...

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    Cool Marktime poll! Please help

    Hey, drummadude89! Welcome aboard!

    I'm mainly a hand drummer but I play set, too, so I do a little bit of both types! When I'm playin' set, I mark time with my foot pedal (using the heel as a hinge), so that's "whole foot"...

    But when I'm playin' congas and bongos, I use my toes as hinges, so that I'm keepin' time with my heel! And to further complicate things, I often internalize the beat by nodding my head to the beat (as Daemon suggested)!

    So I'm all over the place on this one, bro'! Truth is I think all of us use one or more of them depending on what we're playing...
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    My left leg is constantly moving on my HH, heel up. I keep it going through just about everything I play. Even if I'm not creating HH chicks, it's still bouncing.
    - Tom

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    I think he means drumlines...and we used to mark time heel...but then we got a bad instructor who made us use our whole foot...but now she's gone...and we went back to heel...which I like better...less upper body movement...and it's more comfortable...
    The egg approves!

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    No. I usually don't mark time when I'm in drumline (I play set for my garage band and then play drumline during band season).

    I'm just naturally good with tempo, unless my freaking director is trying to give me a tempo and I'm already on it, I start freakin out and trying to spped up or slow down, or something and then I get off tempo and the director gets mad and then I get mad and OH GOD I HAVE GONE CROSS-EYED!!!
    "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer."
    - Henry David Thoreau

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