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    Hi guys,

    Just starting out and need to get a metronome. I thought about using a computer program, but I swear it's occasionally missing/changing the beat.

    Anyway, I'm wondering if they are all the same (keep in mind I'm a newbie).

    I see ... a Korg TM-40 on sale now for $25. Is this a good one or?

    BTW, just got a copy of "Stick Control: ... Snare Drum". I'm excited about these drills (hahah, can ya tell I'm new? :D ).

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    I have a Qwik Time QT-7 Quartz Metronome and it works well and was only $17.

    And don't downplay the fact you just got "Stick Control: ... Snare Drum". Starting with fundamentals is always a good thing.

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    you know those plastic timers that you wind up and it counts to 60? man i used to love practicing stuff till it does that berserk ring thing!
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    If you are new you may want to find a metronome with a display on it. Seeing a graphic representation of the beat (electric line moving back and forth or an old school T-arm) rather than just hearing a click has proven useful to my students.

    Korg makes some really good products. Maybe a start?
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    well if you have a little coin to drop i'd go for the korg beat lab or the boss db-90. I know the Boss has a function that tells you how to play rudiments and so does the korg. I dont have either but I have played with both and if your serious about improving your skills, thats the way to go. Otherwise anything that keeps a steady beat will work just fine.
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    I have a Korg MA-30 that was about the same price (I think). It has a headphone jack, a sweep, and blinking dots on the LCD screen.

    Lot's of good beat, rhythm, and tap in options, so it can be pretty useful.

    I used it when playing guitar or mandolin, but I imagine you could use it for drumming, especially with headphones.

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    I have a traditional wooden metronome (wind up) which I like for playing bass and my daughter uses for clarinet. But for drum practice on the pads I prefer the Boss DB30 which is around $40 US. It's pretty compact and has some simple patterns like triplets, etc.

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    Get a laptop, set it next to you and go to

    thats what I use.

    I also downloaded all the BPM's of 3/4 and 4/4 time and put them on my iPod. Works wonders!

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