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    Default methods of recording

    Im starting to record my first music soon, and im using mics to record my drums, and im not too sure what other methods there are besides getting and electric set. Does anyone know any ways of recording a better way for future reference?

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    You need to have enough mics for basically all your drums, and a couple of overhead dynamic mics for your cymbals.

    Use a click-track/metronome to keep your recording steady. If the metronome bothers you, probably time to practice more with a metronome.

    Make sure you mix your drums so that there are no clips in the recording track. Else you'll have to re-record the entire track.

    Anything else?
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    mmmmm suppose i only have 2 mics for a 5 peice set...... other than that i dont think the other things you mentioned should be a problem

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    ya sometimes you cant get mics for every drum

    but just use one for the snare and an overhead

    and it should work fairly well
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