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    I'm overwhelmed by DVD's and online lessons. I've been playing drums for about 2 1/2 years and need to improve my playing. Money is tight, so taking drum lessons at 30 bucks and hour is a no go. I was looking at the online lessons and DVD's but I don't know where to begin.

    I have 2 Tommy Igoe DVD's - they have helped - but I need help with different bass drum beats and fills. The band I play with plays classic rock and that's what I enjoy playing. I think I can play basic beats and keep good time but now it's time expand my playing.

    Any suggestions.



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    Cobus just came out with a DVD. Look at mike Johnston, vanzdrumming, and secret weapons for the modern drummer by jojo Mayer.

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    make friends with a drummer and trade ideas ..

    you may find this will only works with some drummers, im lucky enough to be able to do this

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    hey man glad to see you are wanting to work on some stuff, first question, have you [ever] had a teacher? 2nd question what is the igoe dvd you have groove essentials?

    thx I really need a bit of info b4 I can suggest stuff. I would also try to analyze your own drumming and be aware of your weak spots before you look for lessons, One lesson I have recently come across on youtube may help you. here it is. [ame=""]YouTube- DRUM LESSON with Mike Johnston "You Gotta Practice This"[/ame]

    he is down to earth and covers common areas that most players run into. hope it helps.
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    FinFan... there's a ton of online drum lessons at Drum Bum's site (they own this forum). I would also recommend looking into Carmine Appice's "Realistic Rock" book/CD for rock beats and drum fill ideas. I used to teach with it and there's a lot of great ideas in there. My students loved working out of that book. There might also be a DVD version, I'm not sure.
    - Tom

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    Default Re: Online lessons - DVD's??

    The dvd's I have are "Getting Started" and " Groove Essentials" . Groove Essentials helped me with 16th note rock grooves and I played around with some of the jazz beats. But as far as the grooves from around the world - I just can't get into them. Rock beats - speed - bass drum - fills are what I'm looking for. I think.

    I took lessons for a few months in the beginning of 2008. Then started playing out - life has got a little more hectic that's why I like the dvd's or online lessons. I can work on them when I have the time and at my own pace.

    Thanks for everyone's suggestions - I will check them out.

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    Default Re: Online lessons - DVD's??

    cool man, thx for the reply, did u check out the vid i posted? This guy seems pretty down to earth and may be the sort of thing you may be after, he has a killer right foot and some of his other lessons grooves are pretty neat.
    I would play around with rudiments incorporating feet with hands I think that is the sort of stuff you are wanting to get into plus drummers suggestion of the old carmine book is good if you are wanting something to steadily work through. good luck. maybe look into linear practise also, that stuff can get hairy and open you up a bit.

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