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    thought I'd open a thread for anyone to post events/gigs/meets in Northern Ireland as i've noticed a few members lurking about.

    I'll start, it's something I'm involved in but not as a drummer; I'm going to be 'acting/singing' in a Christmas Tale at TLC church in Newtownards. Link is in my sig'. (I'm the really white guy sporting the classic back to front cap look)



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    Looks like a great time. My dad is from a town about 280km from you (a fair distance, but from my side of the globe it seems like next door) called Ballyhaunis. My uncle's family are in Knock.

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    Hey man I'm down in Cork, been around drumchat for a bit. What you up to anyway?

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    Yeooooo!!! Wee Norn Iron has a possitive view and not just bought the troubles,, booojyahhh!!!! haha From Belfast Me xD
    Finally i am back in the drum club i get a new set soon because i was nice and gave my last one away to a church in need

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    YeOOOOOOo northern ireland is where it's at B) born and bred in newtownards.
    'Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out in your drumming'

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