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Thread: Getting My First Drumset Soon [need advice]

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    Default Getting My First Drumset Soon [need advice]

    Hey guys I have been surfing craigslist for a while and I think i have finally found a good deal. Tell me what you think, also any advice for a beginning drummer is welcome.

    Thanks alot!

    *Sorry BuddingDrummer, but the Forum Rules do not allow links to sites with items for sale. I have attached a copy of the ad without the seller's contact info and the picture, so that people can give their thoughts for you. - PB*

    5 piece drum kit for sale. full kit and all hardware. bass drum snare and toms. sabian zyldjian meteor cymbals. crash, ride, high hats, and china. im also throwing in my dw7000 double bass pedals. really good kit great condition. i just dont drum anymore so gotta sell.
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    Default Re: Getting My First Drumset Soon [need advice]

    Welcome to Drum Chat BuddingDrummer! If would say that if it fits in your budget, and it's in decent shape, then go for it. You can always upgrade cymbals later, and if this gets you drumming, then it is a good thing. Now, if you can afford a little more, there might also be better used kits available. The budget issue has to be your call, buy the best you can afford, but don't get in over your head money wise, or you will regret buying the kit, and it will take the fun out of it.
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