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    I have one particular sound/noise I want my snare and bass to make, I am just not sure what brand/head/size drum/casing I should have.
    For my snare I would love to have As Blood Runs Black's sound. Very high, quick sounding. And for the bass, As I Lay Dying's bass sounds awesome due to its clanky sound but still has a thud to it.
    If someone can help me on this it would be greatly appreciated!

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    Listening to the band you mentioned, for the snare, it would be best to have a smaller snare like 13". But either way, put a single ply coated head on the batter like an Ambassador or G1, and a regular snare reso. Crank up the batter head nice and tight, tune the reso looser--probably about medium tension, and put the snare wires pretty loose but not so loose that they buzz.
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    doesn't as i lay dying use triggers on their kick? it sounded really processed on shadows are security album i thought. it's gotta be either triggers or a clicky sounding kick mic like an audix d6
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    I was gonna say most of what youre looking for is in the tuning but Yo and Russ already beat me to it.

    Its a combination of a couple things already mentioned. Tune your snare tighter as sugessted and a nice deepbass will give you the thunder youre looking for.

    As far as sounding like the bands do, remember they are mixed and you cant get that exact sound from home.
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    What are the dimensions of your snare and bass and what are they made of?

    Remember that regardless of what head you use, some drums aren't built to make some sounds.

    Also, you need to think about whats appropriate. The tuning/ muffling for a bass drum used live doesn't always work in the studio, so you have to make adjustments. Vice Versa. A studio bass drum will sound dead live.

    I hope you end up finding the sound you want!

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    I would call the mix engineer and ask him what post processing was done. It took may many years to get my head around the idea that drums we hear on a CD and drums we hear un mic'ed are TOTALLY different. I am currently working on a little experiment for this board. I am currently tracking a song and for fun I am putting together a compilation throughout the song where I switch from base mic's dry to processed tracks with plug ins, to just the mic on my camcorder. It will really drive home how the drum sound massively changes and my brother (studio engineer) can change my drum sound in two seconds with EQ, reverb tail, bussed side chain compression, and if he wants with sound replacer and change totally what drum and sound I was playing originally. Anyway good luck.

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    The As I Lay Dying bass is certainly very produced, and I don't know what size/wood type your bass drum is, but I think there's a way to mimic it from home. For the heads,try a lightly muffled, low-tuned batter side head (like an Evans EQ4 or something), and a sound hole cut on the resonant head. Then if you put a kickpad on the batter head right where the beater makes contact and use a hard plastic or wood beater, I'm willing to bet it's going to sound very similar.
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