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Thread: Black Beauty Triple Flanged Hoops??

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    So I've kinda been considering getting a new snare and I figured I'd shoot for the stars to begin with and see just how much a Black Beauty would set me back. I found one on ebay for a reasonable price, but the description said it had triple flanged hoops. I watched a review for a brand new Black Beauty and same thing, triple flanged hoops. What's the deal here? I thought the Black Beauty was supposed to be the be all to end all snare, so shouldn't it have die-cast? Also, what's a slightly less pricey snare that would make a great primary?

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    Black beauty has always had tripple flanged hoops since the 60s. It is mearly the supraphonic or supersensitive snare with a black over seamless brass shell. All of the other components are the same, imperial lugs, same throws, same hoops. Nowadays they have offered a few more options like tube lugs and brass finish hardware, etc that give it a more distinctive look. It's all about the seamless brass shell that makes the black beauty what it is.

    Some other good options with a similar sound would be the newer ludwig black magic, black over brass shell but 8 lugs instead of 10, and much cheaper. I've heard some good things about the pork pie brass shells. If you want to delve into the vintage world, you can find a mint Slingerland chrome over brass sound king for around $300. Amazing sound and quality and will only go up in value.

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    Die cast hoops aren't necessarily better than flanged by any means.

    Many very hi-end kits use triple flanged (i.e. DW)

    My Pearl Masters Custom snare came with die cast hoops and I switched them out in favor of the flanged.

    It just really depends on the sound your going for. Switching to triple flanged on my Pearl really helped open up the drum. I thought it sounded choked with the die casts.

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    Triple flanged isn't "worse" than die-cast, just different. I have a Tama snare with die cast and a Sonor snare with triple-flange (same size 14x5.5). I find that it's easier to tune the Tama low, because the die-cast help cut out some resonance and make it easier to get that fat, deep snare sound with no resonance. On the other hand, my Sonor snare sounds fantastic tuned high, which is how I have it. It has great resonance and sounds more open than the Tama.
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    There's nothing wrong with tripple flanged hoops. They have a more open sound than die casts. Yes, they have more overtones but that's the sound that some folks are after. Die cast hoops lessen these overtones due to their increased mass. Some would say that they choke the drum. So, it's really just a "different strokes for different folks" scenario.
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