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Thread: Best setup for brass snare?

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    Default Best setup for brass snare?

    Hi guys I'm looking into getting a brass snare (recommendations would be nice!), and what I'd really like to know is what would you guys do in terms of batter, reso, and snare wires for a controlled, not choked, rather wet sounding snare?

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    The closest I've ever personally owned is copper, so my advice may be a little off, but I'd recommend a thin/hazy resonant head and a coated double ply batter head, like an Evans Genera G2 or Remo Ambassador.

    The thing about metal snares, especially copper and brass, is the natural sound of the metal is normally very bright and can lend itself to a ringy tone. To get that controlled, wet sound you're looking for it's going to be ALL about the tuning.
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    Unfortunately I don't own a brass snare...but I would LOVE one! I love the sound you get from the particular metal. Gonna have to save up for that one!
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    if u want a brass snare, get the pearl free floater, u can also switch the shell for a maple or copper, cause the shell is changable
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