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    It can be found on youtube by looking for Rock Band, but that means you have to know how to decipher the stupid colored tihings.

    Anyone have the tabs for Steve Miller's The Joker?

    I am not at a point where I can follow along. If I had a slow mo breakdown, I could. LOL!

    New and struggling......

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    I don't know, but as last resort if your stuck using a rockband vid the hits are

    * Orange = Kick
    * Red = Snare
    * Yellow = Hihat or Rack Tom 1
    * Blue = Ride Cymbal or Rack Tom 2
    * Green = Crash Cymbal or Floor Tom

    Part of the problem that some of the colors are dual purpose.

    also here are the charts for rock band which might be helpful in starting out if you want to resort to this method - just scroll down and look for The Joker

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    If you have the song, you can download a free program called Best Practice (can't post links unfortunately, bnut an internet search should do the trick). This program allows you to slow down and speed up songs without affecting the pitch. Works a treat
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    REALLY?? Sounds very cool. Off to take a look

    I listened to the start about a hundred times, and got a good part of it I think.

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