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    I was wondering how long a drum actually can stay round. For instance, (this being one of my ways to decide what new drumset I am getting) if I were to purchase a yamaha tour custom how long would it stay round (the drum shells) or should that be of no concern to me as far the fact that yamaha builds a good product. This may seem like a stupid question but it is something I have been wanting to know. If were to go with the pearl export custom it has a lifetime warranty and if it goes out of round then I can get a new one. I know yamaha and pearl are very reputable companies.
    Thank you for your time

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    It should stay good for a fair long time. But it all depends on the maintenance. Where you keep it (if its damp or too hot) if it's damp the shells will progressively warp. And if you clean them often and keep them nice (which I'm most positive you will considering they're Yamaha tour custom).

    Maintenance is the key!
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    Thanks, if get either set I will most certainly take good care of them. My decision is still leaning toward the yamaha set for right now.

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    Even an entry level kit will last a longtime if properly cared for. The two most important things to keep in mind if you want your shells to stay "true" is :

    1. protect your kit from the elements (as amputechture said)

    2. Make sure your heads are seated correctly on your shells BEFORE you begin to tune your drums. Always make sure you tighten the tension rods in a sequence so that you have equal tension around each head. If you have a lug that is tighter than another one on the same drum, it can lead to warping.

    this holds true for any kit, entry level or pro..

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