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Thread: Is it all in my head?

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    Default Is it all in my head?

    Im sorry to post a question about single strokes and speed as Im sure its one of the most frequent topics but I havent really found the answers Im looking for so Ill go ahead and ask anyway.
    If the questions already been answered feel free to post a link and give me a real kick in the *** .
    Anyway Ive been playing for about 11 years and still havent gotten the single stroke speed thing right yet...
    Believe me when I say its not lack of practice as Im a bit of a perfectionist with way to much time on my hands.
    Anyway it seems like the more I practice at getting my single strokes smooth and up to speed the worse I get .
    Ive tried the pillow thing, "Stick Control" until my hands were numb and just about every other method or exercise that came my way, and still minimal or no progress...
    This has made me think that its perhaps something mental?
    Anyway Im a bit interested in how much time you spent everyday on developing single strokes and getting them up to speed?
    Half an hour? an hour or two?
    As i said earlier I suspect that its a mental thing so I would greatly appreciate it if someone has a few tips on that area, or perhaps a link?
    Maybe its a "blurry" question but basically ive always had a huge prob with speed and its really getting on my nerves and Im in a desperate need after all the help I can get!

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    hey man, I'm a bit bit of a noob when it comes to drumming(only had a set for 7 months or so). But my drum teacher is wicked fast at single strokes, and i pretty much asked him to take up the whole lesson to teach me and show me how to do those sweet singles strokes because as you probly have encountered you'll be drumming to a sweet song and then you cant do that 16th noted fill or something like that, nothings worse than that. anyways, i practice my singles for only about five minutes a day, but i am seeing a lot of improvement with my method(also. What I do is set your metronome to a speed that you can control, but is very difficult to keep, and then go down 10 BPS from that and pratice until you can do that tempo clean and easily, and go up another 10 BPS etc.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Be sure to "overwork" your left hand. Your singles (as well as all your rudiments) are only going to be as fast as your left hand.
    - Tom

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