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    Default Mad blisters

    i'm getting a lot of blisters from playing. I tried taping over where i get the blisters and that doesn't quite work, and i don't want to wear gloves because than the sticks would slip outta my hands. Any suggestions?

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    Metal-head, you're not going to believe me when I tell you this but you're playing too hard. I used to get blisters too when I was younger. A more experienced drummer told me to lighten up. I did... and the blisters went away.
    - Tom

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    some gloves have almost like rubber griptape to reduce slipping.
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    I agree with drummer, but also your technique is also off, you can still play hard with little to no blisters, just by changing the way you grip your sticks, remember the stick and your fingers are supposed to do most your work, not your hands, try loosing your grip, and relax while you are playing.

    Most gloves like the Evans gloves will actually increase your grip, but with just simply changing your grip, this should greatly decrease your blisters.

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    okay thanks, i appreciate the advise

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    Cool Mad blisters

    Hey, Metal-head, listen to drummer and ddrumbum...I'm willin' to bet when you're gett'n the blisters, you're probably also gett'n tense arms and shoulders, too...

    Relax, bro'...sounds like you're try'n too hard...again, check your position and your stick grips...

    and have fun...
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    Yea, Id probably say relax, and also, your gonna get mad blisters, just let them, wear away and youll get a calouse, then itll be all good

    Seriously, i have calouses here

    A long thinner one on my middle finger, between the two tip knuckles, one on the side of my index finger, and on the side of my thumb, on both hands, and im develouping new ones on my left because of the traditional

    You just gotta play through it, youll get calouses and be all right

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    Just to confirm other people have said, I had TONS of blisters all over my hand, i actually have a scar on my right hand they were so bad. but as ddrumbum said, I i changed my grip to the correct "matched" grip style and I have nothing on my hands

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    I have blisters only for when I play a REALLY LONG TIME!!
    Like a few hours long..
    I have a fat callus (I hope I spelled it right) on my right hand. And a smaller one on my left hand....
    I haven't got any blisters in a while.
    "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer."
    - Henry David Thoreau

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