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Thread: What to do? Really frustrated!

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    Question What to do? Really frustrated!

    I guess i'll start by saying HELLO to all you guys and gals! My first post here is going to be one of frustration. I'd like to make some new friends here and learn everything i can. Being a good drummer has been a lifelong dream of mine. For reasons i won't get into it's always been out of my reach until now. I've had the chance to hit a few licks here & there in the past & was told i had great potential,so finally the situation is right but i've hit a major roadblock that i need help getting around. In my area all we have are guitar players,there are a few drummers, but i can't seem to find anyone who has the time to help me or even knows anyone who can. I've been on the computer studying the material on the different websites but they seem to all be on the same thing. I can't ask questions and get answers to things that i need help with and i don't have the money to buy every DVD & book that's available to see if they are any help to me. I've got a metronome that i use but it doesn't help me with 1/8 or 1/16 notes because i don't know how many beats per minute to set it on. I do rudiments until i get bored with those,then i play some patterns i know or i try to make some up. I'm just not advancing or learning anything new because you can't get what you need from a website! Driving to who knows where to find a teacher is not an option. I sure could use some advice,inspiration,or anything that would help me because i've waited a long time for this and i can't sleep at night,it's just that important to me! I envy you all and if you took the time to read this i thank you!
    DancehallDoctor -Pearl drums

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    First off, welcome to the group.

    You're not going to like my answer but your post sounds very self-defeating to me. I get the feeling that no matter what anyone says, you're going to have a reason why it can't be done. I have been teaching a long time and usually when I get a student that starts off this way, I can almost bet they'll quit before a few lessons ... and they usually do.

    So here's my advice and you can do with it what you will:
    1. Buy some books on positive thinking and immerse yourself in them.
    2. Find a qualified teacher and study with them. I absolutely think this is the best thing for you. Don't make excuses. Just do it! Where there is a will, there is a way. If you want it bad enough, you will not offer one excuse. You will simply "DO IT".
    3. Practice hard and focus. Set short term goals and meet them.

    Follow this advice and the rest will follow. I guarantee it.
    - Tom

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    Good post drummer!

    I also found that helps is to try tapping on your legs while playing along with your favorite of really easy songs.
    It helped me, it should help you.

    Another thing that helps is to befriend other drummers and learn from them. (for example here on the forum.)

    Welcome to DrumChat!
    "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer."
    - Henry David Thoreau

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    If it was me I'd take a break from all of the serious study and play for fun for a while. Listen to drummers who play what it is you might want to play and try to play along to the CD's. Make up some of your own beats and fills that no one else can tell you you're not playing right. Maybe try to stop thinking so much about what it is you want to accomplish right now and just have fun with it for a while.
    Serve The Song, Not The Ego - NEP

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    Welcome, dancehall doctor. I have to agree with drummer about the negative thinking thing. But you have found a place to hang, and you can learn if you will. There are some very smart and capable drummers here, and people like One thing is for sure, you will never succeed as long as you think you'll never succeed. Maybe you are over working it a little. Put on some simple, fun music and play along until you feel better. We get to hit stuff with sticks, how great is that?

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    Ok I agree with everyone, HOWEVER.

    As far as instruction goes I am in the same situation, so instead of feeling defeated, I stood up and found all the information I could on what I wanted to improve on, I saved my money and purchased Dave Weckle's DVDs(his dvds are so awesome to me)and I studied those like crazy(still do).

    I also go to my local music store and read the drum magazines every month, several times a month, never bought one issue(but now I subscribe to just about all of them, so it paid off for them), it is unbelievable the knowledge you can get from those magazines, to me they are incredibly valuable.

    I watch anything and everything I can, I did not care what style of music it was, I focused on the drummer and what he was doing, just doing this gave me so much inspiration and ideas it was unbelievable, I also listened to everything I could, and just focused on the drummer.

    And in doing all of this, after watching, listing, studing, reading, I would sit behind my drumset and just practice what I just soaked in, I would put on headphones and play along to my fav bands, grab my practice pad and pop in Daves DVD, actually I still do all this, and will probably never stop, anyway you don't need a teacher, you don't need to drive anywhere, you just need to use the resources you have, and do it.

    Then I stumbled upon, and let me tell you from personal experience these guys/gals know what there talking about, so I suggest you ask all the questions you have, and listen to all the answers they give you.

    If you are TRULY serious, there are tons of resources for you.


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    Dancehall Doctor....

    I think everyone would agree here, the most important thing to remember is to HAVE FUN! Everyone has and will hit a roadblock when you start playing... Don't get frustrated, keep this in mind, some of the world's BEST drummers were self taught. John Bonham (I know, I throw his name around alot here!!), Mike Portnoy, Liberty De Vito, Kenny Arnoff, I could go on and on. The point is you can practice your rudiments until your blue in the face, but if you're not having FUN its going to seem like a chore.

    It's already been posted here but I will say it again... Listen to as much music as possible. Pay close attention to the drummer. Watch his/her movements (if you see a live show), see if you can identify any rudiments he/she is playing. If you can, you're already halfway there!! Try to absorb as much as you can visually. From your location (La.) I am going to assume you're from Louisiana. Dude thats the birthplace of Jazz!!! Get out there and catch a live show... Get inspired...

    Do not get discouraged grasshopper!!
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    Thanks everyone for the advice! I needed to get some thoughts from someone besides myself. I think i must have given the wrong impression,i'm not negative,i'm frustrated. There's nobody that wants to learn more than me! That's why i came here to talk to you guys because i need help from people that know what they're talking about. I've waited for alot of years for this chance and i'm not giving up! If anything it's impatience! I want to learn the right way,i don't want to be one of those drummers everyone talks about that just thinks they're good & sounds like crap! What other books & DVD's would you guys recommend besides the ones already mentioned?
    DancehallDoctor -Pearl drums

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    I just started learning how to play drums a few weeks ago and I just became a member of yesterday and already in 24 hours I learned so much from the people on this forum, it's amazing. I know what it means to be frustrated, I've wanted to play drums since I was a kid and just now have been able to really start (I'm 37). I would say the best place to be when you feel your frustration is this forum among friends. I know it's a place I will frequent a lot on my journey of becoming a great dummer!

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    Good for you drum chick, that is a great way to think, and yes we are ALL friends here, and we ARE ALL willing and wanting to help in any way we can.

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