Hey guys man am i glad i found this place, i've been going through some of the threads for about an hour, i really like what you guys have here. Everyone seems really helpful.

Ok so when i was 18 i really wanted a drumset, but i bought a guitar instead cause ya know "it was the cool thing" played that for about 4 years, im now 23 i still want a drumset and i realize i should have bought one in the first place, and im kicking myself cause i should have started playing when i was 15. anywhere i go i can hear beats in my head its nuts. I can throw on a song and jam too it, i'll be thinking "man it'd sound great with this beat", and sure enough a few more seconds into the song that same beat will come. I've bought a pair of sticks and i play on practice pads and imagine what it'll sound like in my head, i should have the money together to get a set in about a month.

Anyway, i've been looking at the 5piece PDP set/maple shell, and a 4 piece gretsch set/birch. I really think i only need a 4piece for now. And i've been reading and i think i wanna go with aa meinl cymbals, and a sabian ride/hi hat to start out with, and perhaps using ahead 5a sticks for starters since they're lighter than 5b's. Maybe move up to 5b's after i get a little better.
I figure i want to spend around 1200$ on a decent set. I plan to play ..., i'd rather buy something a little better than a starter kit (pearl export) cause i know i'll want to upgrade, and i'd rather have a better sounding kit.

So what do you guys think, im really interested and amped about the whole thing. Gimmie some pointers on rudiments, drumsets/hardware, etc etc. Perhaps how to progress a little faster ya know. I live in an apt but i have a garage, wondering if i'll need to pad that.. not sure how loud the drums are gonna be.. might go through the garage, and into the neighboring apts.

Also im into music like Thursday/Thrice/saosin/norma jean/armor for sleep/underoath etc etc. wondering what would be the best set for me, i know i have a few in mind but you guys know things that i dont :D